Private Coaching with Mary Lynn Wissner*

Each talent is different and comes with a different set of skills, abilities and goals.  We will analyze those skills and refine those abilities and work hard to reach those goals.

The trends in advertising change constantly, and you want to work with an expert in the VO world who not only has over 25 years experience in voiceovers but, has been coaching and teaching talent, for as many years. You’ll learn how to adapt, apply and succeed with the ever-changing trends in advertising.  You’ll gain the skill set and techniques tailored to your abilities, talent and range.


Talent can either schedule a CAREER CONSULTATION (getting started, demo evaluation, search for agent, branding, nailing those auditions, what’s happening or not happening in your career…) or a WORKOUT SESSION. 

Please call or email to schedule and discuss your session.  Upon confirmation of session, talent will receive, (via an invoice).

All coaching sessions must be paid, 24 hours prior to session.

Appropriate copy for each talent’s coaching session will be emailed to talent.

Any session, not canceled within 24 hours will be charged the session rate.  

One Hour Session (via Skype, Phone) $175

One Hour Session in Person (VoiceTrax West, Studio City) $225

Four – One Hour (prepaid) Session Package:  $640  ($60 savings)

A few times a year, I travel the country conducting Working Pro Intensives.  As we know, 90% of your work comes from working out of your home studio.  Talent always seem to comment about the isolation and insecurities that come with self direction and marketing. Thus, I have created a curriculum that not only gives a blueprint for each talent to attack each direction but also, gain the tools they need to feel confident with not only self direction but their voiceover business as well.

With my popular VOICEOVER SELF DIRECTION app (available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices) talent can continue to practice and gain confidence with their auditions and bookings.  If you would like me to bring the Working Pros Intensive to your city, please let me know.

I look forward to working with you!

“Mary Lynn Wissner has an absolutely amazing teaching technique! For every moment you spend in session with her, you gain the powerful tools of both acting and improv. After applying the techniques from our first session I booked the most work I have ever booked. I would venture to say that Mary Lynn is one stop, if not the only stop, in the growing of your VO career. “– Samuel Fleming

“I hadn’t booked a commercial in about 6 months, so I felt I needed a little help. I coached with Mary Lynn just once, and right after our coaching, I booked 2 commercials within 2 weeks! When I coach with her or take her VO Meet the Pro Workshops, she is always so kind, helpful, and full of wisdom. I feel free to make mistakes with her and not be judges harshly.”
Justine Huxley, Atlas Talent

“Mary Lynn has revolutionized the way I audition.  Within weeks of my first coaching session with her, I booked three VO spots and got put on hold for one more!  I was able to immediately witness the results of the advice that she had given me, and attribute those bookings to her teaching!  Her perspective as a casting director and the confidence she gives actors through her teaching is invaluable.  The way she coaches enables you to bring her advice and techniques with you into the booth when self-directing so the auditioning experience becomes less of a vacuum.” 
Caley Rose

“After training with numerous coaches and spending thousands of dollars, my search FINALLY came to end when I found Mary Lynn.  Using her AMAZING techniques, I saw a 200% increase in my bookings the following week!!  Since working with Mary Lynn I’ve booked numerous commercials and got signed by one of the top agencies.  She has not only taught me the skills I need to succeed, but instilled a quiet confidence in me that has served me in every audition and job.” 
Mike Brang

“Mary Lynn is a fabulous VO coach!  Her redirects and tricks for finding that perfect read are so helpful – oftentimes I find that it’s her voice running through my head when I’m auditioning on my own.  I can honestly say that my career would not be what it is today without Mary Lynn’s guidance and support.”
Cissy Jones

“Mary Lynn is not only an incredible casting director, coach and director, but an incredible person as well.  Her love for the voiceover business is apparent in everything she does.  She knows how to get the perfect read out of you.  Plus, she genuinely cares and wants all of her students to succeed. I was luck enough to start working with Mary Lynn early in my career and would not be where I am today without her guidance and expertise.”
Rebecca Davis

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[*]”This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of a
Casting Director is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment.
The intent of the class is solely educational. Attending a coaching session or workshop is not a way to obtain employment as an actor.