Meet the Pros – Kay Bess

kaybessKay Bess, Commercial and Promo Voice Actor

Kay Bess has been a successful commercial and promo voice actor in the Los Angeles market for nearly 3 decades and her career is still going strong. In this workshop, Kay shares the secrets on how to create a lasting career in voiceovers: it takes more than a great voice.

Thurs Oct. 22nd: 7pm-10pm

Get on the mic and perform some current copy, learn how to create a winning demo, how to market to agents and casting. What about pay-to-play sites? Setting up your home studio. Kay also shares her insights into the most overlooked aspect of keeping a voiceover career alive and thriving: Relationships! – with agents, casting directors, fellow voice actors AND on social media. The voiceover landscape has changed dramatically in the last 15 years. Come find out how to navigate the terrain and position yourself for success!