L.A.’s premier Voiceover casting service.

Since 1990, Voiceover Casting Director and Founder of Voices Voicecasting, Mary Lynn Wissner, has cast the voices for thousands and thousands of TV, radio, animation, film, games, e-learning and audio book productions. Voices Voicecasting has earned the respect of producers all over the country and abroad. Producers and seekers of voices know that with one call or email, they will speak directly with award winning casting director,

Mary Mary Lynn Wissner of Voices VoicecastingLynn Wissner and get the attention and expertise their project deserves. No matter how small or large the production or budget, Mary Lynn’s attention to detail and dedication will find the perfect voice(s).

With offices in L.A., Voices Voicecasting has access to the hottest talent Hollywood has to offer, as well as, access and solid relationships with talent and their representatives around the globe. Casting is carefully prepped and thought out the right way, with an experienced casting director, calling in experienced voice talent. Our casting will translate and direct your specs directly to the talent.

This is not virtual casting: throwing the net out there to mostly non experienced talent who pay a fee to be on a casting site. This is the real deal. With over 25 years of casting voices for some of the biggest companies and products in the world, your project has our guaranteed commitment to excellence.

Casting union or non-union, celebrity voices, children’s voices, foreign language, animation/character or even creature sounds, all voice requirements can be met, and we can also walk you through the easy transition to make a non-union job a union job.

Voice casting done right, the first time.